Here is a quick photo taken of the group.  With the exception of Leonard it looks like everyone is engrossed in conversation and doing some great networking.

For information on future events please contact us at 514.481.1501

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Aikawa is a great restaurant when the crowd isn't too big. We thought that given so many people were still on vacation and everyone always spends too much over the holidays...and even eats too much...we foolishly thought we wouldn't have a big group.

Within 1 day we have 28 confirmed attendees and had to turn away people...WOW what a great start to the New Year.

We spent time talking about Metrics and the need/benefits to measuring our Return on Investments. Let's face it  Entrepreneurs are not great at measuring... If we were we would probably be working in large corporations measuring things...but we are genius at providing our own services.

So this was a friendly wake up call with a quick overview of some Marketing type metrics that are so easy to measure daily.

We have over 40 attendees at our monthly networking lunch today.  Everyone had a great time.

We talked about the power of Masterminds and announced our new sessions starting in January.

For more information...you know where to find us...


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